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Foster or Volunteer with WCBHR


If you love big, goofy hounds then you will love fostering bloodhounds for our rescue with tons of advocates supporting the hounds!! We provide foster families with food, vet care, crates, toys, beds and anything else the foster dog may require.  All you have to do is love on your foster baby and try very hard not to foster fail (though we often do!).   

We require our fosters be located in either CA, NV, AZ, or UT.  You must have bloodhound (or equivalent experience), a 6 foot high fenced yard, vet reference, and be open to a virtual home check.

We are thankful for each and every foster home working with these dogs. We are also thankful for everyone who helps transport hounds to new fosters or to their forever home. Foster homes teach these hounds valuable skills that allow them to thrive and grow in home environments. These learned skills and ability to coexist comfortably in a family atmosphere allow placement in a forever home to be a smoother and less stressful process on the animal. 


If you have interest in volunteering with us, please apply below.  Please let us know which opportunities you are interested in such as transporting hounds, website updates, homechecks, shelter coordinator, etc.

We want to know what experience you already have as well.   However, we do not always have vacancies that suit your preferences, so please be patient. You will be placed on a general email list of volunteers, plus specific lists for areas you have expressed particular interest in. Watch for email that interests you and please answer the appeals! Note- we do not have a premise (if you have a property to donate… we’re always interested in potential premises!), so physical help in kennels is not needed - we are foster home based, but have plenty events where assistance with foster dogs is appreciated!

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