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Want to help us continue our rescue efforts?

About Our Rescue


West Coast Bloodhound Rescue is a non-profit 501c3 volunteer based organization. Our mission as a rescue is to help bloodhounds in need with the end goal of pairing them with their perfect forever home.

We are a specialized breed specific rescue intended mainly for bloodhounds, but we occasionally assist bloodhound mixes. Bloodhounds are not a common breed and have very different needs compared to the more common dog breeds. Unfortunately, because of these special needs, some end up in inappropriate homes where the dog is often misunderstood or the owner has not been properly educated about bloodhounds. Other reasons hounds may find their way into our rescue are life situations that the family or individuals had no control over.  No matter the situation or background, finding a forever home for these surrendered bloodhounds is our #1 priority.

Your donations are tax deductible (Tax ID #47-4137913)!

Help us out in other  ways!

Kuranda Beds are great for bloodhounds!  If buy a Kuranda bed using the link below, they will donate to West Coast Bloodhound, Inc.  Click the link below for more information!

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