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Mae is 2 and located in San Jose, CA.

Mae is spayed and pexied. She LOVES people and kids, loves to play with other dogs (but she is now getting snappy if dogs snarl at her first). Loves car rides, hiking, the dog park and likes to swim and fetch. Mae likes playing with other dogs best though, and is usually the submissive one. She usually snarls first when on a leash. But the dogs who are her buddies (those she knows at the dog park and who come to our house to play), know she is submissive and sweet and silly with them.

Mae is also crate trained. She needs to be fed separately from other dogs. She also knows some basic commands. She is comfortable in a particular slip knot leash that she responds well to for walks and hikes. She can be leash reactive at times.

She is incredibly snuggly, but may also will be independent. She has a tendency to jump up on adults so that she can wrap her front legs around your waist like a hug. 

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